Wheek Eat Sleep Repeat Glitter Vinyl Sticker

$3.00 $4.00 -25% OFF

Wheek Eat Sleep Repeat Glitter Vinyl Sticker

$3.00 $4.00 -25% OFF
Product description

Show your love of Guinea Pigs with this sparkly glittery colorful dishwasher-safe vinyl sticker!

Q: What do Guinea Pigs do all day? 

A: WHEEK! Eat. Sleep. Repeat...

Size: 3 x 2.95 inches

Material: Thick Durable Glitter Vinyl

Finish: Glossy and Glittery!
  • scratch resistant
  • sunlight resistant
  • water resistant
  • dishwasher safe! 

Go ahead and stick it on your favorite water bottle, laptop, tablet, notebook, window, or car!

Our Guinea Pig stickers make great gifts for all your furry potato-loving friends! 


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