Boop for Good Luck! Glossy Vinyl Sticker

$3.00 $4.00 -25% OFF

Boop for Good Luck! Glossy Vinyl Sticker

$3.00 $4.00 -25% OFF
Product description

How often do you BOOP your piggy's cute little nose?

I boop my Guinea Pigs' noses every morning for "Good Luck".

I'm almost positive boopin' actually works because I'm pretty lucky.

But, if you can't "boop" a real piggy's nose then this sticker will work just fine. 

Size: 4"
Material: Thick Durable Vinyl
Finish: Glossy
  • scratch-resistant
  • sunlight resistant
  • water resistant
  • dishwasher safe! 

Go ahead and stick it on your favorite water bottle, laptop, tablet, notebook, binder, window, or car!

Our Guinea Pig stickers make great gifts for all your furry potato-loving friends! 


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